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Ten Reasons to Join ACEC Kansas

Collectively, our activities improve your bottom line.  Here are ten reasons ACEC Kansas can be the right organization for your firm:

1.           Active engagement in the state legislative process – tracking/analyzing legislation, lobbying, testifying, etc.

2.           PAC distributes funds to state candidates who can help us.

3.           Active support for Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS).

4.           An unparalleled Emerging Leaders Program.

5.           Reasonable dues.

6.           Access to affordable insurance.

7.           Partnerships with other professional and client organizations.

8.           Annual awards programs that enhance your client relationships.

9.           Support of private-sector candidates for the Technical Professions board.

10.         Access to ACEC National and the additional benefits it offers.

At ACEC Kansas, our focus is on the business of engineering.

Please email for more information or to join.

ACEC of Kansas
825 S. Kansas Ave, Suite 500, Topeka, KS  66612
(785) 357-1824

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