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2025 Engineering Excellence Awards


ACEC of Kansas is now accepting applications for the Engineering Excellence statewide awards, recognizing innovative and outstanding examples of engineering. 

Click on the following links for the 2025 Official Call for Entries Brochure and Entry Form. There are a few changes to this year's application and they are described on the EEA Submission Changes Form.  

ACEC of Kansas uses the same Call for Entries Brochure and Entry Form as ACEC national. In order to apply for an award at national, your award must win at the state level first. Using the same brochure and entry form makes it easier after the Kansas Awards are judged, for winning projects to submit their entry to the national awards program. 

ACEC of Kansas and ACEC National have both gone electronic with their submissions.  Please email your entry to ACEC KS by the deadline date listed below. 

There are twelve project categories:

  • Studies, Research, and Consulting Engineering Services
  • Building/Technology Systems
  • Structural Systems
  • Surveying and Mapping Technology
  • Environmental
  • Water and Storm Water
  • Water Resources
  • Transportation
  • Special Projects
  • Small Projects
  • Energy
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Processes and Facilities

Please reference the  Engineering Excellence Awards Checklist  before submitting your project.

The Kansas competition guidelines are the same as the national competition guidelines, except for the following:

  1. Kansas awards must be submitted by email to
  2. The Kansas awards competition does NOT require you to submit the following:
    a. Photographic Display Panel.
    b. Flash drive. Paper copies of the entry materials are sufficient
    c. PowerPoint presentation
  3.  To submit your photos with captions, please simply name your photos in order with captions, i.e. "Photo1_Before...", "Photo2_During...", etc.

Your Kansas project entry must be emailed to the ACEC of Kansas office no later than Friday, November 15, 2024. This allows time for the projects to be judged locally and for winning firms to submit an entry to ACEC National by their deadline of January 8, 2025. 

Winning state entries will be awarded a plaque that will be mailed to the Firm Representative contact. There will be no formal presentation of awards - ACEC of Kansas strongly encourages member firms to take the initiative to make personal contact with the project client to celebrate the win. 

The state entry fee is $160 ($320 for non-members). If paying by check, please make your check payable to ACEC of Kansas. If you want to pay by credit card, please indicate that in your email with your submission.  We will send you an invoice electronically that will have a secure link to our processing site where you can pay your entry fee. Payment must be received by the entry deadline date of Friday, November 15, 2024.

If your entry is a state winner and you wish to continue on to the national competition, the national entry fee is $1,400 for ACEC members and $3,850 for non-members.

Deadline Dates:

November 15, 2024.............Submit entry to ACEC Kansas by email to

January 8, 2025.................Kansas winning entries deadline to submit to ACEC National

January 16, 2025.................Entrant's company representatives listed on form must be available by phone.

February 21-23, 2025 ..............ACEC National judging of entries

May 20, 2025......................ACEC National Awards Presentation and Gala.

If you have any questions, Please contact 785-357-1824 or email

We look forward to seeing a project from your firm!

For additional details on the 2025 ACEC National Engineering Excellence Awards, click HERE.  

ACEC of Kansas
825 S. Kansas Ave, Suite 500, Topeka, KS  66612
(785) 357-1824

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