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ACEC of Kansas has partnering committees with various owners and organizations that work with member firms of ACEC of Kansas. These include KDOT, KDOT Road and Bridge Design Squad Leader Meetings, State Design Partnering Committee, and Corps of Engineers. Partnering committees give ACEC of Kansas a great opportunity to dialogue with these groups, review procedures, regulations and policies before they become final, and network with client prospects. Committee terms run for three years. These partnering committees truly serve the consulting engineering industry with their work.

The ACEC of Kansas President has the responsibility for filling the ACEC positions on these committees. The primary tool used for making appointments are the responses to the “ACEC of Kansas Committee Interest” survey. Please take a moment to complete and return. The President reviews the responses from the current and previous calendar years, so even if you have filled this out in the past, it is important to do so again.

Making appointments to our partnering committees and other initiatives is a critical task, and input from our members is appreciated. More member involvement in ACEC of Kansas gives us a stronger voice in the community.

Please click HERE to fill out the ACEC of Kansas Committee Interest survey.

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