Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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Give 'Em A Brake!


KDOT Secretary Mike King (picture on far right) accepts the 2015 Give 'Em a Brake check donation from transportation partners at the statewide work zone safety news conference. The partners include: (from left to right), Governor Sam Brownback, KHP Major John Eichkorn, Amanda Schuster of KAPA-KRMCA, Dan Scherschligt of KAPA, KTA Equipment Operator John Higinbotham, Jamie Lane of KCA, KDOT Highway Supervisor Greg Bayless, Scott Uhl of ACEC Kansas and KDOT Secretary Mike King. For more information on work zone safety efforts in Kansas, go to KDOT’s Go Orange page at


 ACEC of Kansas staff supports‘Give ‘Em a Brake’!



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